1. Insert this code snippet immediately before the </body> tag on every page of your website.

    <script data-token="2rnyKzXi1RZiZG0iXa04RQ" type="text/javascript" src="//app.featuretracker.com/api/feature_track" async></script>
  2. Add the "ft99" css class to the buttons, toggles, links, etc. you want us to track. Also add a "data-ft-name" attribute with a descriptive name of the feature being tracked. For example if you have a snazzy button that opens a modal for your users to leave feedback. That might look something like:

    <button class="ft99" data-ft-name="Open New User Modal"></button>

  3. Optional
    If you're interested in seeing details on your features top users, you can send us meta data using a JavaScript function as soon as your page loads. The first parameter is your user's unique identifier, what your application uses to identify the user. The second parameter is a JSON object containing any other information you'd find useful. For example:

    FT.identify('12', {
      name: 'Joe Bob',
      email: 'joe@zmail.com',
      lastInvoice: '$100'